LofI History

The Certes Lodge of Instruction was formed in 1924 with W Bro AE Mattock as Preceptor and W Bro WR Adams as Secretary. Initally meetings were held at the Kings Head in Fulham Palace Road, but were discontinued in 1933.

In 1949 the LofI was revived and met at the White Horse in Rupert Street, London. Precepetor was W Bro W Ferguson, Bro WRHH Dunning as Secretary and Bro A Turner as Treasurer.

The LofI then moved to The Paxtons Hotel in Knightsbridge, every Thursday at 7pm.

  • Preceptor was W Bro RA Turner LGR PPGD (mx)
  • Deputy Preceptors W Bro CE Wigmore LGR and W Bro AJ Kirk
  • Assistant Preceptor W Bro EC Harrington
  • Treasuerer W Bro EF Everest
  • Secretary W Bro JL Stokes

In 1970 the LofI moved to the Three Stags Hotel, Kennington, London which is now known as the Brendon O’Grady.

For 23 years the Precptor was W Bro JS Braun, with W Bro RC Harris Deputy Preceptor for 24 years.

In 1998 the LofI moved to Freemasons Hall

  • Preceptors W Bro J Burgess LGR and W Bro ID Bany LGR PPrGStB PZ
  • Deputy Preceptors W BRo RC Harris SLGR PPrGStB and W Bro AF Roques LGR
  • Secretary W Bro R Bhatt
  • Treasurer Bro P Devani

The Certes LofI is now shared with Semper Amicus Lodge and held at the Freemasons Hall London every Weds at 7pm.