Certes Meeting 17th April 2013

25 Brethren attended at Southgate Masonic Centre on 17th April. As usual there was the normal swapping of roles, and we even had a new Tyler travel up from Croydon. The newer officers at Inner Guard and JD were happy with getting their ritual right, and the more senior officers as ever all performed to a high standard. Despite ill health our stand in WM did a great job of all of th basics, with our IPM handling the Initiation.
There was a small moment of excitement with a member of another lodge getting confused and trying to enter our meeting, but our DC soon sorted it all out.
As this was our second meeting at our new venue of Southgate Masonic Centre we now feel that we have settled in, and even know how to get there, which wasn’t the case on our first meeting! The staff are beginning to understand our humour, although they still look perplexed by a request for Tabasco sauce to go with the chicken and mushroom pie….
As should be the case, our Grand Officer, initiate and joining member all won a raffle prize. We even finished early at 840 for a change!

Sadly there was a long list of absent brethren due to illness, some quite serious and of course we wish them all well an hope to see their quick return to health
All in all a very successful meeting, and we are already looking forward to our next meeting on the 17th September at Southgate Masonic Centre. We welcome visiting brethren, so please use the contact page.

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