10 Reasons to Become a Freemason

Why would you want to become a Freemason?

Here are 10 reasons why you might like to join Freemasonry

  1. Friendship – A Freemason is never alone. Whether at meetings, or with phone calls or emails, a Freemason always has a group of friends to rely on.
  2. Contributing to charity – Freemasons are the second largest contributor to charity in the UK, after the National Lotttery.
  3. Improving your confidence – It is a fact that having to learn and recite Masonic ritual enables many members to overcome a fear of speaking in public. Of course, if you don’t want to, then nothing is compulsory
  4. Becoming a better person – Freemasonry promotes good deeds, and being considerate to others
  5. Visiting fantastic buildings – Some Freemasonry buildings are amongst the most interesting in the country
  6. Did we mention the food and wine?
  7. All men look good in an apron
  8. You believe in Queen and country, and want to be part of the moral fabric of society
  9. Freemasonry is an unrivalled opportunity for people from all races, classes and backgrounds to meet in unity and peace.  Also being not allowed to discuss religion or politics at meetings means that everybody is on a level.
  10. And 10 we will leave up to you, and Freemasons have many different and varied reasons for joining

If these reasons appeal to you, then contact us and we would be happy to talk with you


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