More Famous Freemasons

Again from the MetGL Initiates handbook

Interesting interview with Rick Wakeman form the rock group Yes

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Over three centuries freemasonry has attracted Kings, Presidents, Prime Ministers and many key historic figures, including:


  • Edward VII
  • Edward VIII
  • George VI


  • HRH The Duke of Kent (current Grand Master)

Presidents and Prime Ministers

● George Washington
● Sir Winston Churchill

Historic Figures

● Arthur Wellesley (1st Duke of Wellington)
● Henri Dunant (Red Cross Founder)
● Dr Barnardo


● Rudyard Kipling
● Robert Burns

● Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


● Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
● Gilbert And Sullivan
● Nat ‘King’ Cole
● Edward ‘Duke’ Ellington

Actors and entertainers

● Clark Gable
● John Wayne
● William Cody (“Buffalo Bill”)
● Harry Houdini
● Peter Sellers

  • Jim Davidson
  • Arthur Askey


● Clive Lloyd
● Arnold Palmer
● Jack Dempsey
● “Sugar Ray” Robinson


● Sir Alexander Fleming
● Joseph Lister
● Edward Jenner (who developed the
smallpox vaccination)


● Sir Ernest Shackleton
● Captain Robert Scott (Scott of
the Antarctic)
● Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin (Astronaut)


● Andre Citroen
● Henry Ford

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