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Certes Lodge 4606 is a Lodge of Freemasons based in London, England

Certes was consecrated on the 25th Jan 1924.

Certes is a founder Member of the Metropolitan Grand Lodge of London under the jurisdiction on the United Grand Lodge of England.

We meet on the third Tuesday in February and April, and the third Wednesday in September and November each year at the Freemasons Hall, Great Queen Street, London

Certes is a Patron of the Masonic Trust for Boys and Girls and Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution

Our members come from all walks of life. We have business men, self employed men and retirees as members. We have members ranging in age from mid twenties to mid nineties. We have members from all religions. We have members from many different countries. We are truly a diverse group. If you would like to apply to join please go to the Contact page. We always welcome visiting Masons, please contact us to arrange your visit.

Certes is Twinned with the following Lodges

San Graal – N° 249
Bereshit – N° 205 (Italy)
Omonoia – N° 236
Hermon Lodge No. 21
Grand Lodge of the State of Israel

Hiram – N° 258
Gioacchino Da Fiore Lodge No. 56
Cosenza (G.L.R.I. Italy)